Partnering with Marzipan Media

In 2008, we met a DJ who had a side-line creating playlists for some of the bars he DJ’d to use when he wasn’t there.  He wanted to be able to expand his offering to include supplying the music itself, rather than the bar staff having to buy it, but he didn’t want to have the hassle and expense of taking copyright licenses.  Through that first conversation we established that if he used our system then it would solve his problem without the need for any upfront investment on his part.  We asked the copyright bodies whether this would be acceptable and they agreed, so after a brief trial to let him check the solution definitely worked for him, we began working together.

We are still working with him today, though he now offers his services far more widely than just the bars in which he DJs, and turns over around £10k on our system each month: not bad for a side-line!  Since starting that original partnership, we have met many other companies who can use our system to build their businesses in various ways, and now have over 20 partners, some in the UK and some in diverse locations abroad.
Our partners tell us that when they’re looking for a partner, stability, consistency of service and trustworthiness are equally important to good quality, functional systems.  As a company, our greatest strengths are our innovation and our ability to build and maintain relationships; some of our clients have been working with us for over 30 years and we aim to build strong links with both clients and suppliers. 

  • Partnering with us gives you all of the following benefits:
  • Start bringing in clients immediately and get straight into profitability: no lengthy set-up time or expensive system development
  • Take a free trial to ensure that you’re happy with the service before you start offering it to your clients
  • Offer free trials to your clients to minimise the barriers to sale and improve your profitability at no risk to you or your clients
  • Improve your profit opportunities in the shortest possible time by taking advantage of our flexible terms and revenue-sharing options to fit your business model and ensure you remain competitive in your marketplace
  • Save yourself the cost and time of building up your own music database by making use of our extensive and regularly-updated music database; if you do have your own database and want to use that, our batch upload tool makes this possible
  • Make sales easier by keeping your clients’ costs down, whilst also improving your profit margins – use our License-Free/Royalty-Inclusive/Direct-Licensed Music; free trials available to let you get a taste for the quality and variety of this music that is available for your use
  • Save time and money by using our system’s many specially-designed features to help you manage your clients’ music, audio-advertising and video needs: all tried-and-tested in thousands of sites across the UK and around the world
  • Avoid the need for expensive ongoing investment: we are continuously developing our system and all changes, modifications and updates are made available to all users as part of the package
  • Our customisation offer means that if there is something the software could do to make your life easier or your business more profitable, we will be glad to make the modification if practical. Customising our software to our clients’ needs lets our service keep improving and because we’re spreading the cost across lots of clients, it’s much cheaper than you having to employ your own developer to build customised software just for you
  • Our triple development and testing environment minimises the risks of bugs appearing at your clients’ sites when software updates are made
  • Ask our advice on any aspect of music, audio-advertising or video supply and make use of our team’s knowledge and experience to help avoid potential pitfalls and mistakes and speed up the process of growing your business
  • Maximise profit and avoid wasted time by making use of our technical team’s problem-solving and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Our technical team can work with your clients’ IT departments to answer any IT queries
  • Our experienced support team are on hand to answer all your questions quickly, enabling you to get on with running your business; use our manned helpline for support outside of our office hours
  • Avoid stoppages due to network issues by downloading the music to your clients’ local storage rather than streaming continuously through their network
  • Keep your customers’ IT departments happy by scheduling updates to minimise the load on their network
  • Keep client costs to a minimum and avoid the need for ongoing hardware maintenance by using your clients’ own equipment: the software can run in the background on their PCs, laptops, tablets, tills, EPOS systems and more
  • If you do want to supply hardware yourself, maximise your profits by shopping around for whatever is the lowest cost hardware available; our players will run on both Windows and Android, enabling you to use whatever kit best suits your business needs and budget (we can supply hardware to you if required)
  • Our software’s flexibility allows you to use one system to tackle numerous client requirements
  • Minimise hassle with our cross-border-compatibility features, including the option to change software language
  • Keep costs to a minimum by using our remote install options to remove the need for engineer site visits; if you do need an engineer to visit site, we will be happy to advise on this wherever we have appropriate links
  • Increase your revenues and profit by using the system’s advertising capability; re-sell advert ‘space’ on your clients’ systems to generate additional revenue
  • With our lengthy positive track record you know you’re in safe, secure hands and can grow your business with little investment cost and no increased risk

Should you wish to discuss how our services could be used alongside your product or service offering, please contact us at info@marzipanmedia.com or 01324 711011.

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